Sunday, September 30, 2007

Day of Fun Part II

LOL, Ryan's practically dancing around here he's so happy to be going someplace. We tease him in a good way about being like a doggy... "Go outside? Outside??"
But seriously. I asked him to check the tires and the fluids in our awesome Toyota car, and he came racing back inside to get some grocery bags to clean out the trash as well. (I hate that we're those kind of people with our car.)
Ugh, I also just reminded myself about how we have a big job to do with our car... I want to detail the inside and wax the outside. Well, next weekend I suppose. Also, oil changes. Cripes, I just need to write it on the list and not bore you people.

ANYWAYS, I just wanted to share how excited he is about going someplace, but I was also just reminded that today is his mother's birthday. His estranged mother's birthday. Ughhhhhh. I truly don't know what to do about this situation. It is a complicated and sordid affair that involves both of us. (she's messed with Ryan all his life, and me too once she met me. Basically to boil it all down into one nutshell, she has a major narcissitic personality. A manipulative narcissitic personality.)

It's so messy and awful. Really. *sigh* She does some nasty stuff to us, and I have to admit that I don't rise above it at times. Like knowing her birthday was coming up and not sending out a card in a timely fashion. And the thought I had just now of "Well, so what? She forgot my birthday this year."

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