Sunday, September 30, 2007

Day of Fun

I'm a little excited... I have plans for me and my hubby. And I'm going to surprise him with them, because he loves surprises.

It's time to enjoy life for a little while. I actually have not touched my trig all weekend, but tonight I will look ahead. But enough about that.

First of all, just a note, we have to get back to the Denver Museum of Natural Science, or whatever they call it now, to see the Titanic exhibit. We went back in July and it was so crowded. I'm hoping we can pick a more mellow day to really enjoy the exhibit. But I don't think we'll do that today. Actually... we should go on a Friday or Saturday night because it's a little cheaper. But I wonder how crowded it would be?? Well, anyways. I just know that we'd like to go see that a couple more times at least before it sails out of Denver in January. (plus I have to add a few more things from the gift shop to my Titanic collections.)

Soooo, instead what we'll do today is go to the zoo and then go to Casa Bonita. I cannot believe Ryan has never been there. It's required of you when you're a CO resident. He's going to love it. That's one of the several things I love about him so much, his childlike wonderment and excitement.

I have so many memories of Casa Bonita. When I was an ice skater, my skating club would make a fun day of it and we would go to Elitches, at its old location, and then Casa Bonita. I loooooved doing that so much. It was so much fun, and I have good memories of that. The event usually happened in June, I believe. There was a time when it was the end of the day, and I could have a ride all to myself. I loved going on this particular ride because you start off looking like you'll run into a fence, then soon enough you're getting higher and higher and now you're over the fence.... ahhh. Memories.

(wow, I'm suddenly flooded by a lot of memories of events like this. Due to the ice skating and being in the band at school, I went a lot of places and did a lot of things. Also, I even miss my school bus driving job just a little bit because I drove a ton of field trips. I love traveling.)

After Old School Elitches we'd all go to Casa Bonita where of course the food doesn't matter. (and good thing too, it's kinda nasty actually.) My dad got pulled up on stage once for a magician's act. I also remember the waterfall and the cave thing.
In high school the band stopped there for dinner and me and one other guy were kinda left seatless. The waitress was so rude to us at first, then ignored us the rest of the time. And after waiting for a long time to be able to pay for our meals, we finally just upped and left. But she caught up to us. That annoyed me. I'm not one for skipping out, but frankly, I did hope we could that day because of how she behaved. We didn't even get the comp food, like chips and salsa and sopapillas.

So. Those are my plans for the day. Time to enjoy life for once. Instead of the usual towing of the line and drudgery.
(and I'm so antsy now to get back to Titanic! Darnit, oh well, another day. Definitely.)

Oh, and next Sunday? We get to see Bill Cosby!! He's my childhood hero. I love him to pieces. Love him. I'd better see if I could find a coupon so we could also have dinner out after the show.

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