Sunday, September 16, 2007

A few hours later...

Well, I just wanted to make a new post about how I worked for about 4 hours today on trig, and things are better. I believe I will start really liking it, but there is a lot to take in for your first time with it. Lots of things to memorize and try to get straight in your head. I'm not even there yet, but I've begun to climb the mountain.

I will be graduating from this crappy community college next spring. I'm trying to figure out what school I want to transfer to afterwards. I really don't know.

And what I really don't know is what my major or emphasis will be. Currently I am declared a math major. I do enjoy it, despite how rough it can be. I'm worried that soon it will become immensely difficult and scary. Who knows.

My main point is this. I don't know what I want to do. It's scary. How the hell do people figure out what they want to do? How do people manage to do only 4 years for a bachelor degree, when you hear all the time "It's common for people to not know what major they want to pick. And they change their major an average of 5 times."

I do not want to get into this right now, but I want to mention something. How do I become an adult? I feel like I never really got a normal teenage life and now I don't have a normal adult life. I know, I know, define normal. Well, normal is what it seems like the majority does. Go to school, get a degree, get a job/career. Get married. Have kids. Buy a house. Have random and fun life experiences in-between.

I feel like I haven't lived yet. I don't know how other people do "it".

Again, another day I'll talk more about this. Try to sort out my thoughts and feelings, as that's what journaling is supposed to do.

PS. The only solace about Sunday night, which begins another week of crappity crap, is that most everybody else is having to suffer too! Kinda like "A case of the Mondays" from Office Space, but for me it's more of "A case of the Sunday Night Blues."

PPS. I have to STOP comparing myself to others! This is something I've learned about in therapy, and it just has to stop. It's so hard to stop though. :-(


cybrpunk said...

Trig is hard but it's doable. Calculus I wasn't too bad either. It's Calc II that was called the "weed-out" course where I went. If you couldn't handle advanced math then Calc II rubbed your nose in it and smacked you on the ass as you left to change majors.

You may not have that kind of class if you stay as a math major ( I was in Engineering ) but eventually their will be a class that takes names and kicks asses. Just be prepared.

Shannon River said...

Well thank you for your thoughtfulness in regards to my situation. :-)

I know I'm not even up there in math courses yet, but yet every course I have a few moments where I wonder if I've finally hit my wall. Trig was definitely that moment for me right now.

Calc II is most definitely a weed-out class, I can see that.

I sure wish I knew exactly what I'd like to major in...
Some kind of Engineering is a possibility.

BTW, I'm totally new to this site, when I reply to you get an email or do you have to come back here and check for replies? :-)

cybrpunk said...

Nope, no e-mails. I came back to look.
Blooger is a pretty no-frills setup.

Shannon River said...

Well that bites. Silly Blooger. Seriously.

If you see this... is there perhaps another blog program that performs better? Free?
I've been on LiveJournal for the past 6 years... but the thing is, if you post a comment anonymously you still won't get an email.