Monday, September 17, 2007

Let your geek hang out

Ok. I'm tickled to have my first comment. Tee hee. I've got to get my name spread out on the people's blogs who I usually frequent, so they too can waste time reading my posts. It sure took me long enough to decide to have this kind of website, instead of the other service I was using.

(and uh, please forgive me while I have my learning curve of this site.)

Soooo, back to trig. I am starting to get it, and sadly, it is exciting to me. (though hard!) I had to use identities today and I was so happy and proud of myself when I got one right all by myself. It's just a lot of information to take in all at once when you've never had trig before. I'm slowly getting there. Although I did have a headache earlier today. Trig can = a headache for sure.

I talked at length to an old friend today about my future. She suggested architecture. I'm taking astronomy this semester as well, and my astronomy professor is also a meteorologist. I emailed him last night requesting a meeting with him, and I just got an email back saying that we should talk in class tomorrow to set up a time. Now I just have to figure out what to ask him about meteorology.

I have to admit something. I wonder if I have the brains for all of this kind of stuff*. For some reason I just worry that I don't have the gift of real brains for dealing with highly critical thinking professions. *sigh* That is also a problem for me... my self confidence. The problem is that I have none. Or next to none. I need to work on this as well, but dangit... the fear, it's scary.
(*um, by "this kind of stuff" I'm meaning the maths and sciences. AS and BS degrees.)

I went to college in 1998, and I just kinda randomly chose TV and Film Production. I did enjoy it, but then my advisor lead me astray with the advising, I got pissed off and fed up, and quit. Besides, I had my doubts I wanted to really be in that kind of field. Especially in my city.

When I made the decision to go back to college last year, I had only a few classes that would work for a new major. The TV major was only an Associate of Applied Science. Those don't transfer to 4 year universities. So I had to switch to either an AA or AS degree. First I randomly (again) decided psychology. Kinda the fall back major for a lot of people. I knew I really probably didn't want to pursue that any further. Meanwhile, in my math class, I kept earning 100% on tests and I had the highest grade in class. I did finally discover for myself that I enjoyed math.

Hence, my major in math right now. I just don't know if I really want to keep on that line though. It might be nice to actually go into a career field. I'm considering as many as I can, but yet I know there has to be more out there I'm not aware of. And how the heck do you choose these careers? Or at least get a major that is highly tolerable for you so college isn't worse than a rectal exam with sandpaper gloves.

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