Friday, September 21, 2007

Rest in peace darling

Well, one of our gerbils, Molly, passed away. Thursday 9/20. Early in the morning, in my hands. I've been brokenhearted ever since of course. We buried her in the backyard next to her sisters and mother. It's a pretty nice resting place actually. I'm still so very sad.
Priscilla is the mommy gerbil. She had 5 babies. 3 girls and 2 boys. The girls: Leia, Holly and Molly. They were identical twins. Molly is the last girl we had. We still have the boys, Storm (for stormtrooper because he was Leia's fraternal twin) and Teddy because he has big teddy bear ears.

I just want to add something. I am currently trying to lose weight. I just started again last week. At the beginning of this year I tried to lose weight and I was starting to be successful. Then some other animal emergencies came up, with one of my ferrets, and all bets were off.
It's taken me until now when I could get my willpower back and get back on the horse, so to speak.
However, this recent death really got to me and so yesterday I didn't care about the diet again. But that's okay. I actually made decent choices about breaking my diet. Instead of going to a restaurant or fast food joint, we went to the grocery store and bought a few things. But I made better choices than I normally do.

Today/tomorrow I'll get back to it. I haven't added in exercise yet anyways, so that's my plan for next week. Anyhow, I say all this because basically, I want to lose weight. And I want to triumphantly announce my weight loss successes here. So now you know. And even though I kinda "messed up" yesterday and a little bit for today, I will not let this deter me. I even weighed myself this morning and I've lost two pounds so far. I will keep this up.

I checked out 3 books yesterday from the college library. My mind was still on my grieving about my gerbil, Molly, so I was startled when the librarian said "Going to have a fun weekend, huh?" Then I realized I'm checking out 3 books that deal with trigonometry. Yee Haw.

However, I'm still just... eh. I still have to find my motivation, especially after my recent loss of a sweet animal. But I'll make myself. I even skipped a class yesterday which is fairly unlike me. I'm a good studious student and I know how important it is to be there for class. But the human in me just couldn't take it. I was sad, depressed and I'm just tired of school in general anyways.

Next week is going to suck. I have a math test on Wednesday, an astronomy test on Thursday morning and an essay exam for literature Thursday afternoon. I suppose the upside to all this is a homework free weekend basically! Still.... grrrrrrr.

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