Tuesday, October 23, 2007

me and my imaginary friends

Did I ever say the results of a math test? I think I did... but for our second big trig test I got a big fat D. I'm so excited. It's my first D ever. I should frame the damn thing.
However it must be noted that over half the class flat out failed the test. 8 F's. It was a very difficult and painful chapter and test.

This next chapter is going a bit better for me now. It's about the laws of sines and cosines... the dot product... imaginary numbers - trig functions or something or other with z... anyways. It's getting better. Although the word problems are a massive b*tch. I mean, wow, massive.

I am so counting down this semester. I kinda like being a math tutor, but at the same time I kinda hate it too. I hope that next semester I can manage to get away with only doing 6 hours a week of tutoring. I don't know. I'm not enjoying this semester very much. Some factors are a location I'm at, and the people with which I am surrounded. (very broad, general whine, huh?)

Switching gears - it's interesting. I had my hair cut about a week ago. It's a new change for me. One I never thought I would embrace. For most of my life I was all about the loooong hair. I loved long hair and couldn't imagine ever wanting short hair. But I have a bob-like cut in my hair, and it is well above my shoulders. I love it.

I like the change this brings about. Growth and evolution on my part. I know it's only hair, but still. It's nice to know you aren't stagnant. It's still kinda baffling to me that I could like short hair.

Hmmm, I just basically had a brain fart and can't remember anything else I was going to say. Guess it'll have to wait for another post!


jennifer said...

Are you brave enough to post a picture of your new haircut? I would love to see it :)

Shannon River said...

I might try to get up the nerve! :-)