Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Patience is a... you know...

I have a story. A real story I can share that is kinda neat.

Ok. So I stopped at the grocery store after school, on my way home. Then I got behind some ladies that were doing things with their method of payment that took a long time. I believe the cashier was relatively new too, but not a total newbie. Just doing a job that she probably saw once briefly in training and had to think how to process it since it doesn't come up often.

I don't even know what it was they were doing... I guessed some kind of government help or something.

So. For the first few moments I was kinda like "C'mon, c'mon, c'mon. How long is this going to take?" In my head of course.

Then I told myself "Calm down. Patience. The world needs patience. These kind of things happen. People need for others not to be so damn rude and pushy all the time. And what is the rush we are always in? Good grief."

I will admit... about 5 minutes later I was still fighting with myself to be patient. I couldn't really go to another line because I had already unloaded my stuff. So I just stuck it out some more.

When it was all finally said and done, the cashier apologized to me. She looked like frazzled. I told her I completely understand, these things happen. I really am understanding about it.
One of the two ladies, the customers, came back and thanked me as well for my patience. Kinda dumbstricken by this, I said "It's ok, not a problem!!" I flashed through a couple of quick chit-chatty things I could say, but discarded them. Something like "The world needs more patience." or "We all have situations like this from time to time."

Only once I got into the parking lot did I think of the tired, but true "Patience is a virtue" thing.


I felt kinda guilty though. Because, well... I was getting a little bit grumpy about how long it was taking. And I was fighting with myself to be patient. (how terrible is that? I hate that. This world needs patience and time! Man, where's the fire all the time?)

And just how sweet was it for these two ladies to thank me for my patience? I mean, wow. For the universe to reward a person, to show a good side, to prove itself unpredictable...


Quite a thought provoker.

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