Thursday, October 4, 2007

urge to kill - rising

Good grief. When will I learn? After a little hiatus, I peeked back into my old blog service... and here I am with sky high blood pressure. Man, there are times when I wish you could throw a website or something into the trash. Especially if you're weak like me and keep going back for more.

Sad thing is, I think the other service is a bit better than this one. More bells and whistles and interactions. It's like I have this choice of "Live in the mountains nary a soul within 300 miles" or "Live in the sewer of the Big Apple city."
I truly don't know what to do.

The internet on a whole can be a pain in the tuckus though. I see so many blogs where the author has to carefully craft their words so they don't incur wrath of maggots. LOL. Maggot wrath. How funny. Or they have to put in all these stipulations to try and qualm the onset of two-teethed people playing banjos with their feet.

I don't know. Why the heck am I even doing this? Well, the sad thing is... I do it for interaction. I have barely any real life friends. I do love to type and write out my words. Why don't I just keep it private then? I don't know. Part of me really likes the opinions of others, but only when they're said in a respectful, constructive manner.

I have joined my local chapter of meet up dot com. I have yet to attend something. I probably should. I have really tried to think of ways to gain new friends in my personal life, and it's not easy. Not easy at all. :-(

Life and the internet are kinda like getting shot in the butt from a doctor. It can be much easier to take with a lollipop. Right now I have no lollipops in my life.

I should become Shannon Unplugged. I know. But then I'd really feel lonely and isolated.

Clearly... I am quite conflicted about my feelings. Well, time to stop rambling.

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