Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Well, we had fun on Sunday.
I got an 84% on my math test. So that's decent. Not my usual good work... but... I'm just happy I didn't get a D or F or even a C.

I'm finding out that I probably should have just taken the real trigonometry course. Then I could've gone into calculus with no problems. Instead of taking this stupid "hybrid" course that's supposed to help prepare me for calculus. It just sucks every trig function you can imagine. *sigh*
I hate this class.

In other news, I got a 106% on my astronomy test. And a "B++" on my lit test. I'm not too worried about that, she just wants to see us improve over the course, and so yeah... I can improve myself into an A.

Well anyways.
Basically SOSDD.

I had a crappy tutoring day today. I just couldn't help anybody. Gah. Although I did get 2 kids to learn how to program the quadratic formula into their calculators so there's that victory I suppose. But my stupid math class about killed my brain this morning. I'm so wigged out. More hard work ahead of me over the weekend.

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