Monday, November 12, 2007


I know, I know. Dangit. The days are just flying by and I really don't have much to say in the first place. The usual college BS.

I just got done writing my literature paper. Gotta say... it came rather easily and quickly. I sure hope I get a great grade on it. I really think I nailed down what my teacher is looking for........

Math is math. We're back on more algebra related ground, so hopefully things will be better for the this next test. We are doing 12 sections of homework and being tested on them. Kind of like a mini-final. Ugh.

Then a week after this doozy of a test, comes the real final. *groan*

Dude. What is WITH my stupid college???? They keep making us go longer and longer. We are one of the earliest back in school in the whole state. What the hell? I hate this! I'm glad I'm just about done with them. Only one more semester. Then I'm onto a 4 year university as a junior. Yeeee haaaaw.
(btw, we go back earlier, but it's not like we get more breaks. Oh no. We get hardly ANY days off during any of the semesters.)

Anywhooooo. That's pretty much my exciting life as of right now.

Tra la la la la la

I put a little too much salt on this popcorn, but wow it's hitting the spot right now. Yum.

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