Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Getting the grades

Well I'm going to brag because I'm happy. We had a very hard test in astronomy today and I earned a 101%. The thing that annoyed me though... I didn't study too terribly much last night because I was fixated on my literature paper, and on the astronomy test I got some things about Uranus and Neptune mixed up in my head. But that's ok, I made up for it with the extra credit. It was 3 questions I goofed on. And... well... I'm a major perfectionist and I hate making silly errors... but I shall have to get over it. I'm quite happy with my 101%.

One of my friends in the class can be a bit unbearable with his attitude. He thinks he knows it all and doesn't have to bother doing any studying like us mere mortals. Or even bother coming to class. So it was a little gratifying to see him get an 83% on the test.

Astronomy is pretty well wrapped up for me right now. I have a 104% average. Yay.
Literature........ dear sweet cow I hope I did well on this paper. I hope she'll think so and give me a good grade. I hope she'll have them graded by next week at least. The torture!!!
And in math... I have to work hard to keep my B, but I think I will be able to. Ugh. I hate getting a B. It's going to drag my GPA down dammit.

I know, I know. I apologize for being one of those kinds of students but it is who I am.

BTW - I am a very "comma" happy kind of person. I looked over my Lit paper just before I turned it in and decided to white-out about 6 commas. I hope I did this right. Stupid grammar.

PS I wish I could see a dentist, but we do not have the money for it. I have a concern about some fillings I got over a year ago... Phooey. This sucks.

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