Thursday, November 29, 2007

We're being watched keenly and closely.


Y'all really don't want to hear how school is going, believe me. It's brutal. Lots of things have gone super wrong lately. So I shan't talk about that; let's pretend it doesn't exist, shall we? Excellent.

What else could I talk about? Well, here's another amusing anecdote from my astronomy class.
We were watching "War of the Worlds", the original one. (yay for fun lab time!)

When the bacteria finally affect the aliens and the first ship goes down in town, my professor says "It's a Kia and the warranty just expired."

Tee hee!

I've seen both now. Yes, I did see the Tommy Cruise one in theaters. I will say this, that awful noise that the aliens made before they shot their weapons... still creeps the bejezus out of me. It got me thinking about the how Tom Cruise thing... People seem to hate that movie, but really I think it's only because it coincides with him really going cuckoo. If it weren't for that, I wonder what people's opinions would be about his remake of "War of the Worlds."


cybrpunk said...

My feelings on wacko Tom aside, I didn't really care for the remake. The reason for that though is because it was practically a scene for scene remake of the older movie and NOT based on the book as I had hoped. And even then it added more scenes that were unnecessary or just plain fluff. Considering that this new remake only pushes the story even farther away from the original source material is why I didn't care for it.

Besides that, there wasn't a single character in the new remake that I cared for or identified with at any point in the movie. Cruise played the most annoying and unlikable 'hero' I've seen in a very long time. His kids were obviously running at the mental capacity of mashed potatoes (especially the son) and everyone else just kind of blended into the background.

Shannon River said...

Now that's a real reason, with given support, for not liking the movie. I'm just sick of people whining "I don't like Tom Cruuuiiiissse." And I am with you about the non-likable characters. One guy said that Tom just cried throughout the entire movie, but I don't remember taking that opinion away with me after seeing it. All I thought of Tom's character was that he was really flat and one dimensional.

Though they did incorporate the red weed and needing humans for fuel in the remake. Also they made them walk on tripods instead of floating in the air.

And hey, cool thing... I think the grandma in the end of the film was the same actress who played Sylvia in the first one.