Friday, December 28, 2007


Well, it pains me to do this but I'm going to move blogs.
Silly me... I created a better gmail account after I made up this blog, I didn't think I would like blooger so much.

So I had to make a new blooger account to use a new gmail account. I just really like things tidy and in their places.

So please change your links and bookmarks to:

Working 9 to 5

I am trying to figure something out. My school schedule will be a little nuts next semester. Mainly because I want to take a particular professor for one of my geography classes. But he's worth it. That class is on Saturdays.
Then I am required to take another geography class and that one is only offered once. At night.

And because of this I am trying to make a schedule that will be decent for me......... however I have to make a decision about my math tutoring job. I probably will need to quit. I hate that. I don't want to quit and we could use the money. But it's just not going to work with my schedule for this next year. Boy do I hate quitting the job!

I decided to take a particular history class that pretty much makes up my mind for me. Due to taking this class I won't have time to tutor. But I am totally dragging my heels about quitting. *sigh*

What to do, what to do. I would like to at least dash off an email to my supervisor telling her I have to quit, and I want to get that done by tomorrow. Though I could wait... but the sooner, the better. NUTS. I hate having to make decisions like this. I hate having to STICK with decisions!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Damn dental madness

Well, day after Xmas one of my fillings had to fall out. It's not much of a surprise because I had a horrible dentist in July 2006. Been having trouble ever since.
It fell out before I could even eat anything yesterday and I went for 40 hours without food until today. (I waited for 3 more hours after my filling this morning before I ate.)

But now comes the fun of fixing the stupid problems, living through it and then paying for it with my wallet. Just how I want to spend my vacation days and my money!

Not to mention... it's hard to get into dentists to begin with, but add in holidays and you really have trouble. But I did manage to find one that got me in less than 24 hours after the filling fell out. So I went in this morning for some drilling fun.

I'll be going back tomorrow to fix another one of the problems and for a deep cleaning.

The only upside to this is the dentist is beyond cute. Wow.
Let's hope he knows what he's doing and my perma-problems will be fixed now! PLEASE!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Following the lead of everybody else...


It's actually snowing here right now. I had a very, very nice Christmas and I was very, very spoiled. VERY. :-)

We open our gifts on Christmas Eve, btw. It's our tradition to be like the Europeans.

Sunday, December 23, 2007


Every month I try to post just a little bit more than I did last month, but I keep failing at that! Oh well, it's not like I have anything super stellar to say.

And besides, we finally got our hands on a Wii so I'm busy! Busy, you hear?! Did I mention that we managed to finally score a Wii while we were in Wyoming? Yay! Right place, right time.

I had a craving for some Hawaiian Punch, thank goodness Hubby had some. This stuff is so bad for you but I had a craving. I keep getting cravings for bleu cheese dressing too.

Well, I'd better finish my mother's xmas present. I make her a calendar of snowshoe cats every year. I've only done January so far! Eeep!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Have we met?

I find it odd/intriguing/annoying/frustrating/interesting/amusing/beguiling/weird when people mistake you for someone else. I seem to get that a lot at times. Who is walking around with my face?

That or people assume they "know my sister." I don't have a sister.


We just had a very nice relaxing vacation in Wyoming. We really like it there and I really think we might move there once I graduate. We'll see what happens.

Random: I have a friend who calls me Sunshine all the time. It does seem to be quite a suiting nickname for me. And I forgot how much I like it when I don't hear him call me that all the time.

I'm kinda achey right now. And there is nothing much else I have to say. Too much to do tomorrow that I'm not looking forward to doing. Oh well.

But I am enjoying my REAL break from college. Thank goodness. I'll have to go to work training for two days in January. Puke!! Those "training" days are bru-tal. Believe me. Time definitely goes backwards. I ain't joking one bit.
For starters... our "world class" bosses make Power Point presentations but they put all the words right there, not bullets, and then they proceed to read them to us. BRU-TAL!

It's beyond obnoxious when Power Point isn't used correctly. Well, at least we'll be getting paid.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Jupiter the Imposter Planet.

You know it's interesting...

In order to be classified as a planet, there are basically 3 criteria. (I'm a little fuzzy right now on the exact details, Brain-Dead Shann, so I'll just post the general concepts below.)

1) The body must be mostly spherical.
2) It must follow an elliptical orbit around the sun.
3) It must clear its path of other objects.

Now then. There are these things we like to call asteroids. Ones that have a diameter* semi-major axis greater than 1 AU and flirt with the Earth are called Apollo. Ones that flirt with Mars are called Amor.
Ones that are in front of and behind Jupiter on its elliptical orbit path around the sun are called Trojans.

Soooo... interesting huh? Technically Jupiter could/should be declassified as a planet according that the above stated criteria. I'd like to see them try. Ha ha.

I especially like the logic in science: Because we said so.

See? Wow. Brain dead. That would be really something... an asteroid with a diameter bigger than 1 AU. Yeah. Like that's really out there. Hell-o.
I initially put diameter and I wish Blooger had a strike-thru option. Nuts.

ETA again: Aha, figured out how to do a strike-through. Take that, Blooger!

Finally my last final during this final week of crapfest.

Hokay. So I took my astronomy final today. I am almost sad that class is over. That was the only bright spot in my semester and I'll miss it very much. I learned a lot from it.

So yay. I finally get to decompress, the best I can anyway what with all the recent crap I've found out about my schooling. *eyeroll*

The hubby and I are going on vacation for 5 days. We're running away to Wyoming on Thursday. This'll be interesting to see what we can do during all this weather. But that's okay. At this point I really do need to just collapse and if we're stuck in a hotel room all day with some pizza then that's just fiiiine. Pizza and nekked-ness. What more could you ask for?

Saturday, December 8, 2007


I knew I was doing myself a disservice by buying Zelda for the DS before my finals. But oh well.

I ain't kidding when I say I have a severe case of "F. It. All" itis. Between all the crap that went down very recently in regards to my schooling... I just don't have the energy to care anymore. I should fight for my B in math, but I just can't bring myself to try, or even care very much, after that last test.

In other news... My coloring is annoying. I have blond hair and blue eyes. Kind of a ruddy complexion too thanks to a lot German in me. Anyways, with my blue eyes I've always wished that I could wear dark hair colors... but I do not look good. Nuts. So I'm really kind of stuck in the medium blonde to medium brown range. I could pull off light blondes too actually, but I feel like they clash with my red cheeks too much.

I can actually pull off red tones, too... for the most part. I got this odd craving to do a kind of burgandy color... I should have more fun. Well, what I'll do is just do highlights in fun colors. Temporary colors.

Anyways, mostly I just wish I could look good in a broader range of shades. Oh well. So let's have some fun with super color highlights, like the aforementioned burgandy, purples, reds, blues, etc.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Yeah I want some cheesy poofs

I'm going to share a nice story and a random story.

Nice Story: I was just remembering the time when my first husband was leaving me for another woman in another state that he met online, and they were going to move-in together without ever having met one another in person. Yeah... I'm getting to the nice part. (Although getting rid of an abusive a-hole and sorry excuse of a husband is a bit of a nice thing.) Anyways, before all this came to fruitation, I had entered a raffle for a very large print of 16 ferrets. I think it's gotta be 24 x 10 or something. Maybe bigger. Fully framed and everything.

It was so lovely to remember, after all the terrible stuff that went down between me and my ex, to check the website and see who won the picture. I had! I was sooooo excited and so happy. I wrote "This is so wonderful! You don't know how much this means to me right now as I am going through a rough divorce."

Random Story: So my 2nd husband here and I were in Denver determining if he might be a candidate for a brain operation to alleviate his seizures. And I was going a bit nuts between all the emotional toil and the fact that his rotten parents were with us. (ugh)

Ok. So this isn't a really awesome-cool-far-out stunt... but it sure is something. After some appointment, Ryan and I both had to use the restroom. Well, just for "kicks" I decided to join him in the men's room. Yeah, I lead that kind of dangerous lifestyle. Outrageous!

So Ryan's at the urinal and I'm in the one stall. In comes someone, but they leave when they see the stall door closed as well. *whew*

Nope, not so fast... in comes another person and he just grabs the stall door and yanks it open. It, being a flimsy lock, of course gives way. I'm sitting there.... my pants around my ankles.... turning red.... gaping.... mind reeling, not sure what the hell to think or say...

This doctor, thankfully not one of Ryan's doctors, turns around and is startled by me. I can only mutter a sheepish "I'm sorry." He stares for a second more, shakes his head and leaves.

Oh and heck... Bonus Story that makes me giggle because I like potty humor:
Ryan came with me to school this week and told me the tale of using the restroom while I was in class. He wasn't... you know... feeling so well... and was in there for quite awhile. He reports that someone opened up the door (and this place does have more than one stall, and Ryan was the only one in there) and the dude exclaimed "Aw, man!" and promptly walked back out. LOL!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Wow. December already. I blinked.

Good grief. Time is just flying, but that's always to be expected.

I'm still quite in a funk about school. Long story semi-short:
  • They (4 yr university) lost my application for a transfer scholarship. I'm out $850 now.
  • I found out too late about a foreign language requirement that nobody has mentioned to me before now.
  • But of course it is all my fault, and college advisors walk on water so there's no possible way they overlooked telling me about this foreign language credit.
  • Ergo, I'll be taking 2 geography classes, 1 history class, 1 French class and 1 ballroom dancing. For the fine arts credit. Yee Haw.
  • Math has been beyond a hose beast. The last test was terribly hard. 10 pages. ~45 questions. Only 2 hours to complete it. I didn't. I got a 67%.
  • The idiot math teacher can't even grade her own tests right, she marked everyone wrong because she got the problem wrong. Hell-o.
  • My GPA is tanking very quickly. This semester's GPA is bad, and it's going to pull my cumulative down into the mud. I'll probably get kicked out of my honor society.
  • And I don't even need this math anymore (of which I'll probably end up with a C in) due to my new major of geography. I'm so glad that it's just going to ruin my GPA for no good reason now!
  • Well, in other news, my astronomy grade is 105% right now. And we took a test this morning of which I got zero answers wrong. (107% overall because he loves extra credit.)
  • My literature paper tanked too. I don't know what this lady wants. I wrote my term paper just like I wrote my B+ and A- essay exams... and I got a C. I'm going to end up with a B in that class. I'm really frustrated because I don't know what she wants, and I asked for clarification after class... and I still don't understand.
Soooo. Yeah. That's pretty much the bad news for now. Actually I think I'm leaving something out.

My math final is next Monday and I just don't have the will to study for the damn thing. Not after this last test. I worked my fingers to the bone doing ~25 hours of homework and I still couldn't pull off the B I wanted. (of course the test was extremely hard and long and I couldn't finish.) At least my stupid teacher doesn't write the final... It's only 25 questions.

My astronomy test will be about 200 questions... but I should be okay in that of course.

Hubby and I will run to another state and stay in a cheap motel for a few days after all my finals next week.

My days of school look long for next semester. As it stands right now:
7:00 to 8:50 pm - Ballroom Dancing. With the hubby. For that all important fine arts credit.

Tuesdays and Thursdays:
10:00 to 12:20 - French I
1:00 to 4:00 - hopefully I'll get a math class to tutor at these times.
6:00 to 7:15 pm- One of the required geography classes.

9:00 to 11:45 - Second required geography class.
12:00 to 2:45 - History.

Then I'll try to take French II at the 4 year university next summer. And maybe another class... we'll see... financial aid usually doesn't help you over the summers. It'd be nice if I could take it at the community college I'm at right now, but the 4 year will only take up to 72 credits of transfer. Though... you can sort of "pick and choose" which ones so conceivably I could drop some superfluous psych classes and use a 5 credit hour French II.

However, the 4 year college wants Mulah and so they'll try and dissuade me from doing this. Bastards.

Okay, well, is this a long and boring enough post for y'all? Enjoy!