Tuesday, December 18, 2007


We just had a very nice relaxing vacation in Wyoming. We really like it there and I really think we might move there once I graduate. We'll see what happens.

Random: I have a friend who calls me Sunshine all the time. It does seem to be quite a suiting nickname for me. And I forgot how much I like it when I don't hear him call me that all the time.

I'm kinda achey right now. And there is nothing much else I have to say. Too much to do tomorrow that I'm not looking forward to doing. Oh well.

But I am enjoying my REAL break from college. Thank goodness. I'll have to go to work training for two days in January. Puke!! Those "training" days are bru-tal. Believe me. Time definitely goes backwards. I ain't joking one bit.
For starters... our "world class" bosses make Power Point presentations but they put all the words right there, not bullets, and then they proceed to read them to us. BRU-TAL!

It's beyond obnoxious when Power Point isn't used correctly. Well, at least we'll be getting paid.

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