Thursday, December 27, 2007

Damn dental madness

Well, day after Xmas one of my fillings had to fall out. It's not much of a surprise because I had a horrible dentist in July 2006. Been having trouble ever since.
It fell out before I could even eat anything yesterday and I went for 40 hours without food until today. (I waited for 3 more hours after my filling this morning before I ate.)

But now comes the fun of fixing the stupid problems, living through it and then paying for it with my wallet. Just how I want to spend my vacation days and my money!

Not to mention... it's hard to get into dentists to begin with, but add in holidays and you really have trouble. But I did manage to find one that got me in less than 24 hours after the filling fell out. So I went in this morning for some drilling fun.

I'll be going back tomorrow to fix another one of the problems and for a deep cleaning.

The only upside to this is the dentist is beyond cute. Wow.
Let's hope he knows what he's doing and my perma-problems will be fixed now! PLEASE!


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Jedi Master Daryl said...

Ugh! I am sorry Shann. Drilling teeth is nasty. I HATE, HATE, HATE the smell of "tooth cloud!"