Thursday, December 6, 2007

Yeah I want some cheesy poofs

I'm going to share a nice story and a random story.

Nice Story: I was just remembering the time when my first husband was leaving me for another woman in another state that he met online, and they were going to move-in together without ever having met one another in person. Yeah... I'm getting to the nice part. (Although getting rid of an abusive a-hole and sorry excuse of a husband is a bit of a nice thing.) Anyways, before all this came to fruitation, I had entered a raffle for a very large print of 16 ferrets. I think it's gotta be 24 x 10 or something. Maybe bigger. Fully framed and everything.

It was so lovely to remember, after all the terrible stuff that went down between me and my ex, to check the website and see who won the picture. I had! I was sooooo excited and so happy. I wrote "This is so wonderful! You don't know how much this means to me right now as I am going through a rough divorce."

Random Story: So my 2nd husband here and I were in Denver determining if he might be a candidate for a brain operation to alleviate his seizures. And I was going a bit nuts between all the emotional toil and the fact that his rotten parents were with us. (ugh)

Ok. So this isn't a really awesome-cool-far-out stunt... but it sure is something. After some appointment, Ryan and I both had to use the restroom. Well, just for "kicks" I decided to join him in the men's room. Yeah, I lead that kind of dangerous lifestyle. Outrageous!

So Ryan's at the urinal and I'm in the one stall. In comes someone, but they leave when they see the stall door closed as well. *whew*

Nope, not so fast... in comes another person and he just grabs the stall door and yanks it open. It, being a flimsy lock, of course gives way. I'm sitting there.... my pants around my ankles.... turning red.... gaping.... mind reeling, not sure what the hell to think or say...

This doctor, thankfully not one of Ryan's doctors, turns around and is startled by me. I can only mutter a sheepish "I'm sorry." He stares for a second more, shakes his head and leaves.

Oh and heck... Bonus Story that makes me giggle because I like potty humor:
Ryan came with me to school this week and told me the tale of using the restroom while I was in class. He wasn't... you know... feeling so well... and was in there for quite awhile. He reports that someone opened up the door (and this place does have more than one stall, and Ryan was the only one in there) and the dude exclaimed "Aw, man!" and promptly walked back out. LOL!

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