Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Professor Funny

I am really, really going to miss taking classes with this one professor. He's just great. He's so damn smart and he has a dry, unassuming, low-key wit.

Yesterday he talked about how he read something from someplace (I can't remember if it was a textbook or article) about how our magnetism comes from the solid core, not the liquid core of the Earth. He said he was surprised to read that and then said "But I read it over and over and the author kept saying the same thing."

Monday, November 9, 2009


Life hasn't necessarily been dull lately. Sad that I only blog once during a blue moon these days. I actually have a really cool idea I wanted to do this month and then never got around to it. Well, maybe it's only cool to me actually. I was/am going to write letters to people. I won't name names but I'll get whatever I need to say out there. There's good and bad that I have to say.

However, I did wake up to one great piece of news... I won a bloggie contest! Finally! And it came at a great time because my life has been so stressful lately. I won a contest hosted by one of my favorite bloggers (no really, she is one of my favorites!) June Gardens at Bye Bye Pie.

My neck is doing better. I'd say, oh, approximately 58.64% better. (Funny story: when my ortho doc asked what time the car accident occurred I replied "About 11:09 AM.") I think in a few weeks I should be almost as good as new, maybe even better because I always carry a ton of stress in my neck anyways and I've learned some good stretches for the neck.

My car is doing well. It looks purty. I just wish there was more of the money from the insurance left over to do some mechanical work on it. It just needs some things worked on due to age and wear and tear. Like the struts, shocks... my rear window defroster broke 2 years ago... etc. Anyways. :-(

I will say this, however. I am kinda terrified of driving these days. Every time I see a car approaching from a side street my heart beats a little faster. :-( I have a lot of driving experience under my belt thanks to being a school bus driver for 3 years, which includes tons of field trips, including interstate trips. I have pretty much seen it all. I almost blame myself for the accident because my school bus driving taught me to never assume that a person driving up to a stop sign on a side street will stop. I watched her slow down and yeah, I guess I did then assume she would stop.

But I was also caught off guard because I didn't know she was going to make a left turn, she didn't have her signal on. Drawing a diagram of the accident would be so much easier but I'll try to make my points with words. There was a curve in the street coupled with the fact that she was making a left turn that made her trajectory instantly shoot into my trajectory without any time for me to react/disengage. (Look at that fancy-dancy word there. Captain's orders - evasive maneuvers!)


Traffic is only going to get worse for awhile thanks to the approaching holidays. I don't foresee myself going out more than I have to for awhile.

To sum up:
Winning a contest = very good.
Feeling better from injuries after the car accident = good.
Having my car back = good.
Suffering a little "PTSD", if you will, from the accident = not so good.
Expensive upcoming dental bills for hubby = very bad.
Lots of homework = very-sucky-bad. (Although I only have about 5 weeks left of the semester. And I just found out I earned a 97% on my oceanography test so that's good.)
Stress galore = bad.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fixed the boo-boos

I got my car back today. It took an extra few/several days because the wrong parts came in. So we had to wait for the right parts. But it looks bright and shiney. I have a 1/3 paint job done now. LOL. But I'm happy to have my car back. Poor thing.

As for my physical therapy, it's going nicely. My physical therapist is very into letting the body heal itself, working WITH the body, and taking it nice, slow and easy. I'm not exactly sure what I was expecting with a neck and back injury but PT invoked thoughts of having to do millions of exercises, weight lifting and stretches and stuff... but really on a level of, like, Olympic training or something.

I've had PT before but only on my ankles and yeah, I had to do all kinds of things even when it was still hurting and swollen.

So I have to do heat, then stretching very lightly--if I feel any pain I am to stop the movement--and then ice. It does help me feel better, for a little while anyway.
Today in therapy he put this ultrasound heat on my neck and back, then electric stimulation with an ice pack. Verrrrrry weird stuff. I'm feeling pretty sore right now though.

This is a disjointed post. I've also gone through mid-terms during this BS so it's just been a real stressful situation all around. Hoo boy.

One of my poor ferrets got sick over the weekend too, warranting an emergency visit to a vet. He has a bladder infection and had developed crystals in his urine, blocking him from urinating. Poor sweet boy. We had been mixing in a quality cat food with their ferret food... just because that's what my ferret shelter friend does... but maybe that's not such a good idea anymore. ANYWHO, full ferret food diet from here on out. EVO is supposed to be really good, so is 8-in-1 Ultimate diet (specifically the Ultimate line) and Totally Ferret is okay. Oh and I've heard/read good things about Zupreem I think.

We bought some Totally Ferret that day at the store but they didn't have much of a choice, and then I bought some EVO and 8-in-1 Ultimate dry food online.

I'm just grateful he is okay now. Poor, poor sweet thing. But thank goodness he seems to be on the mend, and thank goodness it wasn't anything really serious and that he managed to pass the obstruction himself, albeit I'm sure it was beyond painful for him. It usually is super serious whenever any of my animals get sick and there's usually nothing I can do or anything that can be done. That's just been my rotten, horrible luck over the years.

I have two boy ferrets right now. Apollo is about 5.5 years old and Luke is 5 years old. Apollo is what's called "adrenal", which is a horrible thing that ferrets suffer from due to irresponsible, horrible breeding practices that mess with ferrets' hormones... but the use of melatonin has been found to help these ferrets. We've been giving Apollo melatonin orally but next vet visit we're going to get the melatonin chip put in him.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Messin' with the mind

I went to my psychology class on Thursday. Trying to put my life back together after the car accident. What a stressful, horrible, painful mess. Anyways. :-(

So we're talking about development and Piaget and all that fun jazz. My professor puts up a video from You Tube:
(Just look up "conservation task" on You Tube and you should find it if the embedding doesn't work.)

She played it once, talked about it a little more... like the difference between the younger kids and the older child in the video and their cognitive development... Then she played the beginning one more time.

After she made her points about the video, my professor shut it off in the middle of the second playing and said "Okay. That's enough of screwing with little kids' minds."

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Why bother anymore?

The world is truly "guilty until proven innocent." And even then... you're still guilty.


Sunday, October 4, 2009

Continuing on...

In my last post I forgot to mention one more "problem" with blogging... the juxtaposition, if you will, regarding anonymity.

On one hand it's nice to meet new people, make new friends... I've known some bloggers who've given out their URLs to just about everybody they meet, such as their dentists. And/or they would meet people through the blog and become "real life friends" with them. Later on they would lament the loss of being able to write freely because real-life people read the blog.

You see, my first blogging experience was with LiveJournal. I started on there in 2001. I would read about a lot of people's experiences with meeting other LJers offline and becoming fast friends. I was kinda jealous of that. I met with a few LJers offline myself but never more than once. I was crestfallen that I never developed any meaningful relationships offline.

But now... perhaps this is a good thing. One thing that was never taken away from me was my ability to write what I want, when I want, and write what I needed to write.

Let me further explain LiveJournal and why I think it's been advantageous to me... You can lock your journal however you want. And you have that choice for every entry you make. It can be fully public, fully private or only people on your Friends List can see your entries. You can even make filters so only certain people on your Friends List can see what you write!

I have friends on my LJ from all over the world. I think we are able to enjoy being open and honest without worry of "real life" implications. I'm still not fully open there... my friends know my first name and the state I live in and all, but I do keep other telltale details vague. Occasionally I wish I could say more about my life, for instance I keep quiet about the exact university I am attending. But it's better to err on the vague side.

Let me end by saying this... it bugs me there is no right answer for all of this! LOL
No black and white, no clear cut solutions.
This is one reason I enjoy math so much, there is pretty much only one right answer and there is really no debate about it. (For the most part.)
It's not like life, life is so damn complicated. And blogging has become complicated. One thing I do miss is people/bloggers being open and honest, reaching out for support... Blogging seems to have locked people up into a box whereupon they must put their best foot forward and keep problems to themselves. Problems that could be, used to be, helped just by blogging about it.

bloggy thoughts

I realize that I am quite guarded when I write this blog. I actually have a personal journal where I spill more about my life... but this here blog is very... guarded and perhaps even bland. Not like I have a lot of readers anyways!

It's tough. In the day and age when you have to be careful about the information you put out there about yourself... how can you then reveal things in a blog? I used to average about 15 entries a month and it's really petered off since I shifted inward to being very cautious about what I say in this here public blog. Now there certainly are ways to still protect yourself while being able to reveal more about yourself. It's not like I have to post my SS number or anything.

Not to mention... in the day and age when there's a million, trillion blogs out there with talented people writing... and not only writing but earning lots of money for doing it... what am I?
I will say I'm a little tired of these "professional blogs" where people are doing it for the money. In my opinion ever since Dooce was able to support herself and her husband and family with just her blog... that was like a starting gun for the race to extreme blogging--blogging for lucrative reasons instead of the reasons blogging came about in the first place. For connections, thoughts, venting, a sense of virtual community, etc.

I don't know why I'm writing this other than I'd just like to get it out there.

And here's something about me... I was in a little car accident a few days ago. :-( Someone shot out of a side street right into me. My poor sweet car is banged up, I'm banged up... Ugh. Hopefully I'll be fine in the long run, i.e. no soft tissue/muscle damage. I'm extremely sore and today I overdid it so I just had to take a strong painkiller. Ergo... that would also explain the "floopy writing".

I am NOT looking forward to having to sit in a classroom for 3+ hours when I have to go back to school.

Okay, I'm really losing the possibility for coherent thoughts now so I'd better quit while I'm ahead. I think it's too late for that though.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

I said CAW!

Being out on a golf course here in this city I've seen a spectacle occur a few times... a hawk being chased in the air by crows. It's kinda amazing to see those fearless black birds chasing after a predator like that. Of course they are almost the same size and all, but still. Different birds of a flock and all... hawks have talons and beaks geared for meat-pecking. Crows just have "plain old bird toe nails" and beaks meant for acting like a pair of pliers.

Anyways, I hear the ruckus and look up and I always see 1-3 crows surrounding a soaring hawk. They're screaming at him and he's just trying to soar away out of their territory. Actually I've seen one of the crows even grab some of the hawk's feathers while in the air. It's really quite something to see.
My dad compares it to fighter jets chasing a bomber.

Reminds me of this other time when I was out taking a walk and there was a fox sitting under a tree about 40 feet away. There was a magpie squawking at him and bugging him. The bird even went so far as to grab the fox's tail by the fur and lift it up. The fox was watching me and only looked at the bird when he grabbed the tail... So, wonder what the reasons for that where? Did the fox grab something of the bird's? Was the bird just being a pest? LOL Crazy animals.

Speaking of golf courses... yesterday I also watched a huge flock of Canadian geese just mozey on out in the middle of the driving range. That's right, the driving range. Two of them plopped down, just as easy-breezy as could be. No worries. The other 2 dozen were happily pecking grass. Meanwhile about 10 people were spanking dimpled balls right at them.
Man. WTF? Silly birds.

This course is a haven for birds and animals. They even have a little "fox crossing" sign up on one of the golf cart paths. Yesterday Ryan and I were "chased" by a begging squirrel. What a cutie that squirrel was. There's tons of flickers out there as well. And a couple of weeks ago I was sitting by the water fountain waiting for my dad and Ryan when a little house finch landed on my lap. He just flew down from a tree and did his maneuvers so he could sit on my lap. It was incredible. He took off and started to come back a minute later but someone else was walking by just then and scared him off.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Professor's Poison

Ah, professors. For awhile I used to write down funny things they would say and whatnot. I need to start doing that again so at least I write something in this bloggedy.

I am taking an oceanography class with a great professor, one I've had before. He is just really awesome. He says the funniest things and I'll have to pay more attention to writing them down.

This next bit isn't really prolific or anything but it was a little funny that has stayed in my mind since that class. First I have to say he's a very outdoorsy person. He was talking about ozone and how you can smell it on rivers in certain places...
He said with an appreciative air, "Ahhhhh, ozone. Smells good."


"It's poisonous, but smells good."

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Woefully underdone

Well yeah. I know, I hate having one of those blogs that seems sort of abandoned... but it is what it is. Maybe one thing I can do to get things rolling better around here is to quote some of the random lines from TV shows and movies that I find hilarious.

TV: Because your life just ain't that exciting.

Anyhoo... so that's what I'll do. It'll be so much fun you'll wet yourself. Actually... that does remind me of one little sentence from Will & Grace when Jack was excited about decorating a Barney's window and he said "I'm so excited I could just pee!"

As for my life? Not much going on. I started my penultimate semester. It's kicking my butt. Technology is the undoing of good mental health and an inducer of heart attacks. (Just had to fight with computers all day. I'm taking a class in a software program called ArcMap and while I do enjoy it... ummm... well it's a computer program that can equal hours of frustration.)

I shall leave with the following exchange from a little known TV show called Seinfeld. This scene makes laugh every time.

Jerry, in the public phone: Hello, nine-one-one, how are you? Sorry, just a reflex. Yes I know this is an emergency line. Yes I do have an emergency. I have some very important information regarding the smog strangler. My friend has been accused and I know he didn't do it.

Jerry, to George: They're patching me through to the detectives. *Pause* Why don't you get a mint or something?

Jerry, back on the phone: Can I come in right now?
I suppose.
Where are you located?
Where's that?
I don't know where we are.
(To George) Where are we? George shrugs.

(Into the phone)
We don't know.
(To George again) He says ask somebody.

George to a guy walking by: Excuse me, where are we?

Guy: Earth.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Suicidal Top Flite

I was caddying once again for my dad at a golf course. His preferred golf ball is Top Flite. He took great pains to lay up on a couple of holes to make sure not to lose a ball to the creek. And he was successful, he did not lose one ball that he hit into the creek.

So that once again is... he did not lose one ball that he hit to the creek.

Meanwhile I was pulling the cart across a concrete bridge when the vibration of the uneven ground must've shook loose this ball that he had in the holder on the cart. Next thing I knew I heard that telltale "clank clank" of a ball on concrete. At first I was alarmed that someone had nearly missed me. Then I realized that the ball from the cart was missing and had made a jump for the creek.

Talk about inevitable.

Saturday, July 11, 2009


Yeah, I know. Whatever. LOL I just haven't felt up to writing.

I'll resort back to funny stories from the golf course. That seems to be a bulk of what I write about.

So I was playing with my dad and two of his friends/golfing buddies. My dad took his second shot after his tee shot and did a great job getting on the green. There was a crow on the ground nearby and after my dad swung, the crow said "Caw! Caw! Caw!"

His friends said "Great shot!" "Good job!" And then one of them said "Even the crow thought it was great. He said: Great! Shot! Dude!"

So we're joking around as always, being self deprecating as usual (it's all just for fun and we all have the same humor) and the next guy sets up for his shot. The crow is still in the same place and my dad says "Let's see what the crow will have to say when you're done."

The guy, about to swing, says "He'll probably just take a dump."

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The 'rents

My parents can be a comedy act. My dad is the wiseass and my mom is usually the straight man.

Mom: What other types of lettuce is there? I don't like this kind.

Dad: Lettuce?

Mom: Yeah. What other kinds of lettuce is there?

Dad: Well, there's "lettuce" eat, "lettuce" pray....

Mom: You're a big help.


My parents are in total agreement that mustard has no place on a hamburger. "Mustard only goes on hot dogs. I don't know who decided that mustard can go on a hamburger. It's wrong."

Tee hee. I had no idea. It's fun dealing with another generation.


Dad: Does standing water ever get tired and sit down?

Mom: No.

Saturday, May 23, 2009


It's occurred to me that perhaps I didn't blog about a fascinating research project for one of my classes a few semesters ago. This class was a bit strange and I can't even explain the concept of the class to this day, but the professor was great so that's a plus.

My group decided to explore the tourism of hot springs. And the closest hot spring just so happens to also be clothing optional.

But it gets better. It was hot that day, I hadn't eaten all day long and I accidentally ingested some of the magnesium rich water. During the drive home I puked all over my classmate's car. (Because I had bought a bottle of water on my way out since I was feeling so ill. I thought I was dehydrated. Instead I spent the entire 60+ minute drive home trying to keep the water down until I couldn't no more.) Oh how embarrassing. I felt like crap in so many ways.

But in the end... I got to experience a research project in which I viewed nekkid people. Last day of class the professor asked if these projects were fun or not and I exclaimed "Yes! I got to see nekkid people!"

Sunday, May 17, 2009

And now for something completely different

As I was studying for my finals this week I remembered an incident, or rather 2 incidents, during my first year in college. Even I have a hard time believing this happened and I was there!

I was in math class taking a test. It was deathly quiet which made the next event seem that much more loud: a girl farted. Really. There was this woman in the first row who just kept passing gas. The first few times she said "Excuse me" but then she just kept going on and on with it.

Ok. So it was just an awful isolated event... or maybe not. It happened again during the next test too.

The thing was, each and every time it happened it would break your concentration. I had a hard time trying not to laugh as well. I was so shocked the first time I heard this happen. I went from shock, to holding in laughter, to being annoyed, to having to refocus each and every time it happened to anxiously and fearfully anticipating the next attack.

Anyhoozlebees. It's funny, and it's even funnier now looking back upon it, but it was annoying too.

I'm done with finals too, yippee! I hope to recover some of my brain which was pretty fried this week.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Lost world

Yeah, I know. This poor neglected bloggity. There just hasn't been a lot of good or fun stuff to post. SOSDD... homework, tests, school, life. Been battling some medical billing nightmares to boot. Not fun.

I'm so ready for summer break. I'm taking the summer off from classes, but I will be self-teaching and studying for a math test and French test. I want to test out of certain requirements to save time and money. It'll be nice not to have class, but I am nervous about the French test. The math test will be no problem. (It's ridiculous, I used to be a math major but my new major doesn't think that I have a background in the right math. Ah, academia. Love it like a cold sore.)

Well, one cute story to share: my husband was out in the backyard hitting some practice golf balls. (Whiffle-type balls.) I hear him through the open window saying, "Well, hello! Hellllo! What's up? Hey! HEY!"

Turns out our neighbor's dog, an Australian shepherd, came over to greet him and then snitched one of the practice balls! LOL! Awwwwww.

Monday, April 13, 2009


I don't speak often of my husband's condition here on the blawg. Sometimes I almost feel like I should, just in ways that he and I have encountered problems.

One piece of advice I can pass on is you have to have patience when talking to someone with a brain injury. It takes them a little longer to go through the thought processes at times. And if you don't have that patience you're just re-setting the clock every time you prod them.

Ergo there's a bit of a 10 second rule. 10 seconds can seem like an eternity to people, especially those without brain injuries. Some people with brain injuries may even need 15 or more seconds.

But people may get antsy waiting even those 10 seconds for any kind of response and whenever they speak they just interrupt the thought process and the clock has to be re-set. At times you can practically hear that clock ticking back to zero as their mind has to go back to the beginning again.

I see this happen with my husband. I'm guilty at times for re-setting the clock.

And in that same vein, any kind of interruption can lead to confusion and flusteration. My husband adds in a lot of words to a story while he's trying to form the sentence he wants in his mind. He's speaking, telling the story with extra unnecessary words and details, because his brain is inside trying to find the point he wants to make.
If you interrupt that process for whatever reason, such as asking for a clarification in the story... the clock may start over as well. My husband sometimes has to say the whole sentence again to get to where he was going.

People with TBI often suffer from anger or short-tempered issues as well, mostly due to these kinds of frustrations. They are frustrated with themselves for the extra steps they have to take to think, for not finding words or descriptions they want and they are frustrated with others for rushing them. I don't blame them one bit.
(Like I said this is part of the reason for anger issues, and I observe it very often with my husband. Other people with TBIs may be different and there can be different reasons for anger/temper issues.)

Consider any times when you were talking and couldn't think of the right words, or you could but they came out jumbled... and how frustrated you were at that moment. That's the kind of thing that people with TBI have to struggle with daily. They're annoyed and frustrated with themselves and they can become annoyed and frustrated at a world that values split-second decisions and replies.

If there's one thing I could change, well okay there are a million things I wish I could change, but one thing that I would love to see is a world that could slow down a bit and accept that many people think at their own paces. My husband was fired from jobs because he wasn't deemed "fast enough", though he's rather on the ball and lucid for someone who suffered such a massive open head TBI as he did. He was more than able to do the job, he just needed a few extra seconds for his thinking processes and the employers couldn't handle/didn't like that.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

I miss my links!

Guy #1: Why did they have to close the damn golf course for 5 whole days, just to aerate it?

Guy #2: Well, maybe it's because it just takes time.

Guy #1: It's just riding over the grass... really, how long can that take? I can understand a day, maybe two, but five days?

Guy #2: After they aerate it they would have to go back and mulch the grass that was taken out of the ground, and it depends on the size of their equipment, how many people are working it...

Guy #1: *laughs* Ok. So maybe they have one illegal out there with a pick ax then.

Edited to Add:
I should've pointed out at the very beginning that this wasn't meant as a punch line joke, it was something I actually overheard while at the golf course that day.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Water and ripples and whatnot

It's really interesting to ponder how much affect your words may have and how far they will go, and you won't even know it.

Today I quoted something a professor told my mom while she was in college around 1998. He told her, in regards to graduates finding jobs, "There is a place for everybody."

I've never met the guy and yet now I'm quoting him and passing on his words to my fellow college students.

Wouldn't it be nice if you could see how your words may alter someone's life, or where they go, or how long they may live on?

Monday, March 16, 2009

I wish I had something...

But I got nothing. I'm going through a lot of personal, emotional stuff and I feel kinda spacey right now. I wish I could even think of some kind of funny little ditty (story) to say, but I can't.

Next week is Spring Break. I'm really looking forward to it, although, I do have some homework that I need to do. I need to read my textbooks and try and start a paper. What's the good of Spring Break then? It's crap!


Sunday, March 8, 2009

Parents just don't understand

Mom: I want to go to the store and get some ______.

Dad: Are you going to take the truck or Shann's car?

Mom: Oh, I don't know. Shann's car may have too much junk to be able to fit ______.

Dad: Shann, do you have a lot of junk in your trunk?

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


WHAT is UP with the people who stop 15 feet away from the car in front of them at a red light, then proceed to slowly creep up throughout the duration of the light?

Why, why, why oh WHY do you people do that?

Sunday, March 1, 2009

I'm back over here now

I decided to change my blog back to this one. Just 'cause that's why.