Saturday, April 11, 2009

I miss my links!

Guy #1: Why did they have to close the damn golf course for 5 whole days, just to aerate it?

Guy #2: Well, maybe it's because it just takes time.

Guy #1: It's just riding over the grass... really, how long can that take? I can understand a day, maybe two, but five days?

Guy #2: After they aerate it they would have to go back and mulch the grass that was taken out of the ground, and it depends on the size of their equipment, how many people are working it...

Guy #1: *laughs* Ok. So maybe they have one illegal out there with a pick ax then.

Edited to Add:
I should've pointed out at the very beginning that this wasn't meant as a punch line joke, it was something I actually overheard while at the golf course that day.

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