Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Lost world

Yeah, I know. This poor neglected bloggity. There just hasn't been a lot of good or fun stuff to post. SOSDD... homework, tests, school, life. Been battling some medical billing nightmares to boot. Not fun.

I'm so ready for summer break. I'm taking the summer off from classes, but I will be self-teaching and studying for a math test and French test. I want to test out of certain requirements to save time and money. It'll be nice not to have class, but I am nervous about the French test. The math test will be no problem. (It's ridiculous, I used to be a math major but my new major doesn't think that I have a background in the right math. Ah, academia. Love it like a cold sore.)

Well, one cute story to share: my husband was out in the backyard hitting some practice golf balls. (Whiffle-type balls.) I hear him through the open window saying, "Well, hello! Hellllo! What's up? Hey! HEY!"

Turns out our neighbor's dog, an Australian shepherd, came over to greet him and then snitched one of the practice balls! LOL! Awwwwww.

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