Saturday, May 23, 2009


It's occurred to me that perhaps I didn't blog about a fascinating research project for one of my classes a few semesters ago. This class was a bit strange and I can't even explain the concept of the class to this day, but the professor was great so that's a plus.

My group decided to explore the tourism of hot springs. And the closest hot spring just so happens to also be clothing optional.

But it gets better. It was hot that day, I hadn't eaten all day long and I accidentally ingested some of the magnesium rich water. During the drive home I puked all over my classmate's car. (Because I had bought a bottle of water on my way out since I was feeling so ill. I thought I was dehydrated. Instead I spent the entire 60+ minute drive home trying to keep the water down until I couldn't no more.) Oh how embarrassing. I felt like crap in so many ways.

But in the end... I got to experience a research project in which I viewed nekkid people. Last day of class the professor asked if these projects were fun or not and I exclaimed "Yes! I got to see nekkid people!"

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