Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Suicidal Top Flite

I was caddying once again for my dad at a golf course. His preferred golf ball is Top Flite. He took great pains to lay up on a couple of holes to make sure not to lose a ball to the creek. And he was successful, he did not lose one ball that he hit into the creek.

So that once again is... he did not lose one ball that he hit to the creek.

Meanwhile I was pulling the cart across a concrete bridge when the vibration of the uneven ground must've shook loose this ball that he had in the holder on the cart. Next thing I knew I heard that telltale "clank clank" of a ball on concrete. At first I was alarmed that someone had nearly missed me. Then I realized that the ball from the cart was missing and had made a jump for the creek.

Talk about inevitable.

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