Saturday, September 26, 2009

I said CAW!

Being out on a golf course here in this city I've seen a spectacle occur a few times... a hawk being chased in the air by crows. It's kinda amazing to see those fearless black birds chasing after a predator like that. Of course they are almost the same size and all, but still. Different birds of a flock and all... hawks have talons and beaks geared for meat-pecking. Crows just have "plain old bird toe nails" and beaks meant for acting like a pair of pliers.

Anyways, I hear the ruckus and look up and I always see 1-3 crows surrounding a soaring hawk. They're screaming at him and he's just trying to soar away out of their territory. Actually I've seen one of the crows even grab some of the hawk's feathers while in the air. It's really quite something to see.
My dad compares it to fighter jets chasing a bomber.

Reminds me of this other time when I was out taking a walk and there was a fox sitting under a tree about 40 feet away. There was a magpie squawking at him and bugging him. The bird even went so far as to grab the fox's tail by the fur and lift it up. The fox was watching me and only looked at the bird when he grabbed the tail... So, wonder what the reasons for that where? Did the fox grab something of the bird's? Was the bird just being a pest? LOL Crazy animals.

Speaking of golf courses... yesterday I also watched a huge flock of Canadian geese just mozey on out in the middle of the driving range. That's right, the driving range. Two of them plopped down, just as easy-breezy as could be. No worries. The other 2 dozen were happily pecking grass. Meanwhile about 10 people were spanking dimpled balls right at them.
Man. WTF? Silly birds.

This course is a haven for birds and animals. They even have a little "fox crossing" sign up on one of the golf cart paths. Yesterday Ryan and I were "chased" by a begging squirrel. What a cutie that squirrel was. There's tons of flickers out there as well. And a couple of weeks ago I was sitting by the water fountain waiting for my dad and Ryan when a little house finch landed on my lap. He just flew down from a tree and did his maneuvers so he could sit on my lap. It was incredible. He took off and started to come back a minute later but someone else was walking by just then and scared him off.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Professor's Poison

Ah, professors. For awhile I used to write down funny things they would say and whatnot. I need to start doing that again so at least I write something in this bloggedy.

I am taking an oceanography class with a great professor, one I've had before. He is just really awesome. He says the funniest things and I'll have to pay more attention to writing them down.

This next bit isn't really prolific or anything but it was a little funny that has stayed in my mind since that class. First I have to say he's a very outdoorsy person. He was talking about ozone and how you can smell it on rivers in certain places...
He said with an appreciative air, "Ahhhhh, ozone. Smells good."


"It's poisonous, but smells good."

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Woefully underdone

Well yeah. I know, I hate having one of those blogs that seems sort of abandoned... but it is what it is. Maybe one thing I can do to get things rolling better around here is to quote some of the random lines from TV shows and movies that I find hilarious.

TV: Because your life just ain't that exciting.

Anyhoo... so that's what I'll do. It'll be so much fun you'll wet yourself. Actually... that does remind me of one little sentence from Will & Grace when Jack was excited about decorating a Barney's window and he said "I'm so excited I could just pee!"

As for my life? Not much going on. I started my penultimate semester. It's kicking my butt. Technology is the undoing of good mental health and an inducer of heart attacks. (Just had to fight with computers all day. I'm taking a class in a software program called ArcMap and while I do enjoy it... ummm... well it's a computer program that can equal hours of frustration.)

I shall leave with the following exchange from a little known TV show called Seinfeld. This scene makes laugh every time.

Jerry, in the public phone: Hello, nine-one-one, how are you? Sorry, just a reflex. Yes I know this is an emergency line. Yes I do have an emergency. I have some very important information regarding the smog strangler. My friend has been accused and I know he didn't do it.

Jerry, to George: They're patching me through to the detectives. *Pause* Why don't you get a mint or something?

Jerry, back on the phone: Can I come in right now?
I suppose.
Where are you located?
Where's that?
I don't know where we are.
(To George) Where are we? George shrugs.

(Into the phone)
We don't know.
(To George again) He says ask somebody.

George to a guy walking by: Excuse me, where are we?

Guy: Earth.