Thursday, September 24, 2009

Professor's Poison

Ah, professors. For awhile I used to write down funny things they would say and whatnot. I need to start doing that again so at least I write something in this bloggedy.

I am taking an oceanography class with a great professor, one I've had before. He is just really awesome. He says the funniest things and I'll have to pay more attention to writing them down.

This next bit isn't really prolific or anything but it was a little funny that has stayed in my mind since that class. First I have to say he's a very outdoorsy person. He was talking about ozone and how you can smell it on rivers in certain places...
He said with an appreciative air, "Ahhhhh, ozone. Smells good."


"It's poisonous, but smells good."

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