Sunday, September 6, 2009

Woefully underdone

Well yeah. I know, I hate having one of those blogs that seems sort of abandoned... but it is what it is. Maybe one thing I can do to get things rolling better around here is to quote some of the random lines from TV shows and movies that I find hilarious.

TV: Because your life just ain't that exciting.

Anyhoo... so that's what I'll do. It'll be so much fun you'll wet yourself. Actually... that does remind me of one little sentence from Will & Grace when Jack was excited about decorating a Barney's window and he said "I'm so excited I could just pee!"

As for my life? Not much going on. I started my penultimate semester. It's kicking my butt. Technology is the undoing of good mental health and an inducer of heart attacks. (Just had to fight with computers all day. I'm taking a class in a software program called ArcMap and while I do enjoy it... ummm... well it's a computer program that can equal hours of frustration.)

I shall leave with the following exchange from a little known TV show called Seinfeld. This scene makes laugh every time.

Jerry, in the public phone: Hello, nine-one-one, how are you? Sorry, just a reflex. Yes I know this is an emergency line. Yes I do have an emergency. I have some very important information regarding the smog strangler. My friend has been accused and I know he didn't do it.

Jerry, to George: They're patching me through to the detectives. *Pause* Why don't you get a mint or something?

Jerry, back on the phone: Can I come in right now?
I suppose.
Where are you located?
Where's that?
I don't know where we are.
(To George) Where are we? George shrugs.

(Into the phone)
We don't know.
(To George again) He says ask somebody.

George to a guy walking by: Excuse me, where are we?

Guy: Earth.

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