Sunday, October 4, 2009

bloggy thoughts

I realize that I am quite guarded when I write this blog. I actually have a personal journal where I spill more about my life... but this here blog is very... guarded and perhaps even bland. Not like I have a lot of readers anyways!

It's tough. In the day and age when you have to be careful about the information you put out there about yourself... how can you then reveal things in a blog? I used to average about 15 entries a month and it's really petered off since I shifted inward to being very cautious about what I say in this here public blog. Now there certainly are ways to still protect yourself while being able to reveal more about yourself. It's not like I have to post my SS number or anything.

Not to mention... in the day and age when there's a million, trillion blogs out there with talented people writing... and not only writing but earning lots of money for doing it... what am I?
I will say I'm a little tired of these "professional blogs" where people are doing it for the money. In my opinion ever since Dooce was able to support herself and her husband and family with just her blog... that was like a starting gun for the race to extreme blogging--blogging for lucrative reasons instead of the reasons blogging came about in the first place. For connections, thoughts, venting, a sense of virtual community, etc.

I don't know why I'm writing this other than I'd just like to get it out there.

And here's something about me... I was in a little car accident a few days ago. :-( Someone shot out of a side street right into me. My poor sweet car is banged up, I'm banged up... Ugh. Hopefully I'll be fine in the long run, i.e. no soft tissue/muscle damage. I'm extremely sore and today I overdid it so I just had to take a strong painkiller. Ergo... that would also explain the "floopy writing".

I am NOT looking forward to having to sit in a classroom for 3+ hours when I have to go back to school.

Okay, I'm really losing the possibility for coherent thoughts now so I'd better quit while I'm ahead. I think it's too late for that though.


Scott said...

Yeah, you really gotta watch what you say. It is possible to get fired from a job, accidentally break up a real-world relationship, or get ripped off, stalked or murdered.


There are a lot of bad things that can happen. Kinda scary. I usually reveal WAY TOO MUCH about myself on my blogs, but I am being a little better about that on the 3.2 view.

But don't forget... some GOOD THINGS can happen from blogging, too!

Awww! I am so sorry you got banged up! Enjoy those pain pills while you can!

Musings of a Housewife said...

Again, sorry to hear about your accident.

And I hear you on the guarded thing. All of my neighbors and friends read, which I think has made me more guarded in what I share over time. It's kind of annoying, actually. I'd rather be anonymous again.

The Shannon River said...

AUGH! I'm used to LiveJournal where I can post to each person's comment individually. Blogger needs to get on the ball with some updates!

So I'll have to do this the old fashioned way.

Scott: Yes, one does need to be careful but yet it's no fun to be so anonymous and unable to "reach out" for support and connections. :-(

I actually hate the way pain pills make me feel but I'm grateful when they take away the pain! Thanks for the well wishes.

Musings of a Housewife: That is something else I didn't even remember to write about in this post... how I've read a lot of bloggers say they miss their anonymity and many people in their real life read the blog.

It's tough. It's really, really tough.

But one solution is to have an anonymous blog on the side where you can invite only certain people to read. That's at least one possibility.

Thanks for your comment. :-)