Sunday, October 4, 2009

Continuing on...

In my last post I forgot to mention one more "problem" with blogging... the juxtaposition, if you will, regarding anonymity.

On one hand it's nice to meet new people, make new friends... I've known some bloggers who've given out their URLs to just about everybody they meet, such as their dentists. And/or they would meet people through the blog and become "real life friends" with them. Later on they would lament the loss of being able to write freely because real-life people read the blog.

You see, my first blogging experience was with LiveJournal. I started on there in 2001. I would read about a lot of people's experiences with meeting other LJers offline and becoming fast friends. I was kinda jealous of that. I met with a few LJers offline myself but never more than once. I was crestfallen that I never developed any meaningful relationships offline.

But now... perhaps this is a good thing. One thing that was never taken away from me was my ability to write what I want, when I want, and write what I needed to write.

Let me further explain LiveJournal and why I think it's been advantageous to me... You can lock your journal however you want. And you have that choice for every entry you make. It can be fully public, fully private or only people on your Friends List can see your entries. You can even make filters so only certain people on your Friends List can see what you write!

I have friends on my LJ from all over the world. I think we are able to enjoy being open and honest without worry of "real life" implications. I'm still not fully open there... my friends know my first name and the state I live in and all, but I do keep other telltale details vague. Occasionally I wish I could say more about my life, for instance I keep quiet about the exact university I am attending. But it's better to err on the vague side.

Let me end by saying this... it bugs me there is no right answer for all of this! LOL
No black and white, no clear cut solutions.
This is one reason I enjoy math so much, there is pretty much only one right answer and there is really no debate about it. (For the most part.)
It's not like life, life is so damn complicated. And blogging has become complicated. One thing I do miss is people/bloggers being open and honest, reaching out for support... Blogging seems to have locked people up into a box whereupon they must put their best foot forward and keep problems to themselves. Problems that could be, used to be, helped just by blogging about it.

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