Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fixed the boo-boos

I got my car back today. It took an extra few/several days because the wrong parts came in. So we had to wait for the right parts. But it looks bright and shiney. I have a 1/3 paint job done now. LOL. But I'm happy to have my car back. Poor thing.

As for my physical therapy, it's going nicely. My physical therapist is very into letting the body heal itself, working WITH the body, and taking it nice, slow and easy. I'm not exactly sure what I was expecting with a neck and back injury but PT invoked thoughts of having to do millions of exercises, weight lifting and stretches and stuff... but really on a level of, like, Olympic training or something.

I've had PT before but only on my ankles and yeah, I had to do all kinds of things even when it was still hurting and swollen.

So I have to do heat, then stretching very lightly--if I feel any pain I am to stop the movement--and then ice. It does help me feel better, for a little while anyway.
Today in therapy he put this ultrasound heat on my neck and back, then electric stimulation with an ice pack. Verrrrrry weird stuff. I'm feeling pretty sore right now though.

This is a disjointed post. I've also gone through mid-terms during this BS so it's just been a real stressful situation all around. Hoo boy.

One of my poor ferrets got sick over the weekend too, warranting an emergency visit to a vet. He has a bladder infection and had developed crystals in his urine, blocking him from urinating. Poor sweet boy. We had been mixing in a quality cat food with their ferret food... just because that's what my ferret shelter friend does... but maybe that's not such a good idea anymore. ANYWHO, full ferret food diet from here on out. EVO is supposed to be really good, so is 8-in-1 Ultimate diet (specifically the Ultimate line) and Totally Ferret is okay. Oh and I've heard/read good things about Zupreem I think.

We bought some Totally Ferret that day at the store but they didn't have much of a choice, and then I bought some EVO and 8-in-1 Ultimate dry food online.

I'm just grateful he is okay now. Poor, poor sweet thing. But thank goodness he seems to be on the mend, and thank goodness it wasn't anything really serious and that he managed to pass the obstruction himself, albeit I'm sure it was beyond painful for him. It usually is super serious whenever any of my animals get sick and there's usually nothing I can do or anything that can be done. That's just been my rotten, horrible luck over the years.

I have two boy ferrets right now. Apollo is about 5.5 years old and Luke is 5 years old. Apollo is what's called "adrenal", which is a horrible thing that ferrets suffer from due to irresponsible, horrible breeding practices that mess with ferrets' hormones... but the use of melatonin has been found to help these ferrets. We've been giving Apollo melatonin orally but next vet visit we're going to get the melatonin chip put in him.

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