Monday, October 12, 2009

Messin' with the mind

I went to my psychology class on Thursday. Trying to put my life back together after the car accident. What a stressful, horrible, painful mess. Anyways. :-(

So we're talking about development and Piaget and all that fun jazz. My professor puts up a video from You Tube:
(Just look up "conservation task" on You Tube and you should find it if the embedding doesn't work.)

She played it once, talked about it a little more... like the difference between the younger kids and the older child in the video and their cognitive development... Then she played the beginning one more time.

After she made her points about the video, my professor shut it off in the middle of the second playing and said "Okay. That's enough of screwing with little kids' minds."


sarahbobeara said...

i remember that from when i was in college. maybe i'll try a little experiment btwn my 5 & 7 year old after school, i love messing with my own kids' minds ;)

The Shannon River said...

:-D That sounds like a lot of fun. I keep wishing I had kids right now so I could start doing things like that. Development is so fascinating!