Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Professor Funny

I am really, really going to miss taking classes with this one professor. He's just great. He's so damn smart and he has a dry, unassuming, low-key wit.

Yesterday he talked about how he read something from someplace (I can't remember if it was a textbook or article) about how our magnetism comes from the solid core, not the liquid core of the Earth. He said he was surprised to read that and then said "But I read it over and over and the author kept saying the same thing."

Monday, November 9, 2009


Life hasn't necessarily been dull lately. Sad that I only blog once during a blue moon these days. I actually have a really cool idea I wanted to do this month and then never got around to it. Well, maybe it's only cool to me actually. I was/am going to write letters to people. I won't name names but I'll get whatever I need to say out there. There's good and bad that I have to say.

However, I did wake up to one great piece of news... I won a bloggie contest! Finally! And it came at a great time because my life has been so stressful lately. I won a contest hosted by one of my favorite bloggers (no really, she is one of my favorites!) June Gardens at Bye Bye Pie.

My neck is doing better. I'd say, oh, approximately 58.64% better. (Funny story: when my ortho doc asked what time the car accident occurred I replied "About 11:09 AM.") I think in a few weeks I should be almost as good as new, maybe even better because I always carry a ton of stress in my neck anyways and I've learned some good stretches for the neck.

My car is doing well. It looks purty. I just wish there was more of the money from the insurance left over to do some mechanical work on it. It just needs some things worked on due to age and wear and tear. Like the struts, shocks... my rear window defroster broke 2 years ago... etc. Anyways. :-(

I will say this, however. I am kinda terrified of driving these days. Every time I see a car approaching from a side street my heart beats a little faster. :-( I have a lot of driving experience under my belt thanks to being a school bus driver for 3 years, which includes tons of field trips, including interstate trips. I have pretty much seen it all. I almost blame myself for the accident because my school bus driving taught me to never assume that a person driving up to a stop sign on a side street will stop. I watched her slow down and yeah, I guess I did then assume she would stop.

But I was also caught off guard because I didn't know she was going to make a left turn, she didn't have her signal on. Drawing a diagram of the accident would be so much easier but I'll try to make my points with words. There was a curve in the street coupled with the fact that she was making a left turn that made her trajectory instantly shoot into my trajectory without any time for me to react/disengage. (Look at that fancy-dancy word there. Captain's orders - evasive maneuvers!)


Traffic is only going to get worse for awhile thanks to the approaching holidays. I don't foresee myself going out more than I have to for awhile.

To sum up:
Winning a contest = very good.
Feeling better from injuries after the car accident = good.
Having my car back = good.
Suffering a little "PTSD", if you will, from the accident = not so good.
Expensive upcoming dental bills for hubby = very bad.
Lots of homework = very-sucky-bad. (Although I only have about 5 weeks left of the semester. And I just found out I earned a 97% on my oceanography test so that's good.)
Stress galore = bad.