Sunday, April 18, 2010

Very good point

I love this post, from a fantastic blog. Please read, it's a little thought about blogging in general and how it's "evolved". (I'll leave it in bare bones link-style.)

(Oops, that didn't work. Take two. Hopefully this will work.)


Anonymous said...

I read your blog and I love it! My name is Shannon also and I'm a full-time student as well. I'm majoring in psychology and you're right about school and homework taking up all of one's free time. I'm not a blogger myself, well not yet at least. I clicked on the link you provided and read the thing about people not being themselves. I could not agree more! Not only does this happen online but in face-to-face interaction as well. I don't think people even know who they are anymore. Everyone seems so concerned with what is going on in everyone elses life that they are completely neglecting their own. That, or they're trying too hard to be like someone on these ridiculous television programs that are eating away at our society. I could go on all day about this!

The Shannon River said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by. :-)

I'm about to graduate in 2 weeks and I cannot wait. I'm already fantasizing about what I can do with all my free time. My major is Geography and Environmental Science.

You are so right, I love what you said here. The world seems to feel progressively more like looking in a contorted fun mirror than reality. If it's not online, then it happens in person.

Can we all just get real again, please?